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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

University of Scouting

          Okay, so it has been a couple of days...but I haven't forgotten about this blog. I am not going to allow myself to forget about it. I have just been waiting for the right moment to blog, and lucky for me, something slightly interesting happened the other day. See, I don't want to blog about something boring (like my everyday homeschool life...everyday), but instead something a bit more...intriguing...or at least I hope.
          Okay, so Saturday, January 30th, my mom decided to drag me along with her to Tyler, so I could learn something at this once a year scouting event, called the University of Scouting. I didn't want to go. For one, I wanted a weekend where I didn't have to do anything scout related (like a pancake breakfast or swimming or camping trip), and just relax instead (...and probably play some Final Fantasy IV). Also, I didn't understand why I needed to take a class on becoming a good leader. I mean, seriously, can't I learn through life experiences like all other "great leaders". I am pretty sure Abraham Lincoln didn't sign up for classes, go to them, and have it start like, "Hello, I am going to be your teacher for today. Now if you look at the board, you will find that today we will be learning about how to become a good president." But those were just my thoughts, and they didn't really matter because I got dragged along anyways. I am not saying it was bad, I do something else...I guess. Yeah, it's sad.
          Anyways, after the hour and a half drive there, we find that we can't find what building it is. Let me explain. We were given the message that the event was going to be at the University of Tyler.
...There are over a dozen buildings for that college, and nobody said which building. So we spent almost an hour trying to find it, and we weren't the only ones too. There were other people driving around the college, attempting to find all the other scouts. It was crazy...-ish...Well, not really. It was all just crazy in the van because my mom was freaking out, and was really worried that we would be late.
          So, we finally find the building, after my mom calls up a friend, spends ten or fifteen minutes trying to find him, and then has him show us where to go, and we get in , and...yeah, we were a little late. Ever have a moment where you are trying to get to class on time, and you can't make it, so you end up being just a minute late, and class has already started, so when you walk in, everyone is looking at you? If so, then you know exactly how I felt, because it was just like that, only we were closer to ten to fifteen minutes late. Of course, for me, this was a three hour class, so it was just like what I explained, but on a bigger scale, but still, I felt very awkward. Plus, unlike some of the other kids there, who had brought half their troop, and knew people, I was the only person from my troop, and I knew...well...nobody. Again, awkward.
          So, I must admit, the class was not exactly as boring as I thought it would be. That is not saying that it wasn't boring, it just wasn't as boring. The thing lasted (as I said) three hours, and then it was lunch time. My mom and I Went to Burger King, got some burgers (duh), and an uncomfortable hurry. See, there was this guy, and, well, we both got the same sort of feeling from being near him. We felt uneasy, and unsure if he was He just sort of gave off that sort of feeling you get that says that it isn't safe or that something isn't right. It was weird man.
          We went back to the college, Finished our classes, one for me, three for my mom, went to the ceremony (where mom got an award, and adults acted like kids), and left to my aunt's house. There isn't much to say about that.
Okay, so we might have gone to Barnes and Nobel, checked out some awesome stuff, you know, since we were in Tyler, with my aunt and cousins, and gone to Best Buy, checked out some video games, and left with just one item total. It was a Kindle for my mom. Yep. All that wonderful stuff, games, graphic novels, games, action figures, games, books, and even more games, and all we got was a Kindle...for my mom...that she won't share. *sigh* I am sad because of it. Not the no-sharing part, but the no-Final-Fantasy-or-books-for-you part.
          After that, we went back to my aunts house to have pizza. I'm sorry, correction, homemade pizza. Eh, it was good. Definitely better than Store bought pizza, but there just wasn't enough. My aunt's (! Yes, Smiles. I know, lame right, sorry, but all I could think about was how much he always smile...and I mean always) made only one pizza, because he assumed that my mom and I are just like my aunt...Bubbles and here kids (my cousins)...Beavis and Butthead, getting full after one slice of his pizza. Well, my mom, maybe, but me, well, I could have eaten the whole pizza myself. But, instead I had to survive off of every one's crust and some pickled peppers. If you find that at all disgusting, trust me, that is nothing compared to some other things I have eaten, okay?
          After a while, my mom and I finally left and headed home. Unfortunately, when I got home, sat on the couch, and played Final Fantasy (yes, yes, I know, it's sad huh?), my stomach hurt. I won't go into detail. In fact, I am going to wrap this up by saying that when I got better, I was pretty sure I had done enough for a Saturday (which could have been spent on my bike, around town, or in a book, or on the couch, but wasn't). I figured that that was enough fun, and I wanted to relax the next day, and even the next Saturday. Ha ha, wow. I have lied to myself. I get to go swimming this Saturday. Let's see what that turns into. I guess we'll find out huh?
          Well, I guess that's enough for now. I will be blogging soon. Check my blog every now and then, and you might find something new. I am trying not to forget about this, but it is a bit hard with school work and boy scouts. Hope to see your responses in the comments. Again, if you have any opinions or advice, I will listen. I am trying to make this a more interesting blog, so, please, don't be shy. Comment. Alright everyone, stay nerdy, and you guys have a nerdy day.

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