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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The new "Nerd Word"

          Alright, I think I have finally figured out what to do with this blog (that I haven't touched in about a year now). At first, I thought that I could make a blog about really cool and nerdy stuff, and be the automatic go-to sight for nerds, but I have figured out that that idea will not work. Instead, it will still be, "The Nerd Word", but instead, it will be should I put this...the word you will hear from this nerd. Yeah, that works. Basically, I will be blogging as much as possible about my life and what I go through, and what goes on in the head of a person like me. It may be interesting, it may not be. That, you will have to judge for yourself. Yeah. Hopefully I can go through with this idea, and not completely forget about it in a month or so. So, if you will, come and join me on my adventures.

          Alright, so today was interesting...I guess. You see, I am in Boy Scouts, and every month we have a fundraiser in our town, and every time it is the same. We go around town, collecting donations and selling tickets to the pancake breakfast we have that month. Let me tell you, after twenty or so breakfasts, it gets really boring, and you get tired of pancakes. But I guess it is an improvement for a guy that eats only cereal...every single day. Sometimes I wish we were to do something else. We tried the idea of a car one followed through with it. We tried selling peach trees...for $30 a tree. And there was a low chance of its survival due to the fact that, well, not everyone owns a farm or has the proper soil, or has the money to blah blah blah. Anyways, so, as usual, we had to be there at 5:30 a.m., and I woke up at 4:30. Could I have woken up at 5:00? Yes. Could I have woken up at 5:20 and still get ready in time? Yes. But I didn't, partly due to the fact that I wanted to play Final Fantasy IV, and partly because I just like waking up st the early hours of the morning. Or at least when I feel like it. It is just so quiet and peaceful. And I am not talking about quiet and peaceful like No-one-has-spoken-for-so-long-it-is-REALLY-awkward-and-the-silence-is-killing-me, but instead more like Everyone-is-asleep-and-I-feel-like-I-could-do-anything-I-want-'cause-I'm-king-of-the-house-now. Trust me, there is a difference.
          So, I got ready, and we get there (my mother and I), and everyone is sitting around doing nothing. Now this is actually very normal, because the people whose restaurant we use (who are also part of our Boy Scout Troop) come in thirty minutes to an hour before everyone else, and get the place ready. When you think about it, it sort of gets rid of the purpose of everyone else coming in early to do the same exact thing. Unfortunately every one of the scouts let the lack of work go to their heads, and, by the time the breakfast actually started, people still weren't doing anything. Not even my two best friends (whom shall not have their real names revealed due to safety reasons, but will instead be called) Psycho and Braces...and Braces is supposed to be leading the group! This went on for quite a while, until my mother stepped in and got on everyone's case for not doing squat (except for the new guy, Smalls,  who was doing practically everything. Shame on them for making him suffer). It was about then that all electronic devices were taken away, and people started doing their jobs...mostly.
          After the breakfast, we all got inside vehicles, and got ready to go to a Y.M.C.A.  building, and go swimming.
I was stuck in the smallest car in the universe.
You see, I may be fourteen, but people often mistake me for eighteen because I am really tall for my age, and (apparently) just look older. So for a teenager that is almost 6' to step inside the back of a really small car that is a third his size, crammed in right next to Smalls and Psycho (who is also my height)......well, I was amazed how the three of us, plus another scout (who shall be called Speedy), and his older brother could all fit in there, and still be the same size. And yet, it still worked. Of course, me being a nerd, I felt like the drive there would be a perfect time to play video games, and so the whole drive, I sat there playing Final Fantasy IV. *sigh* Sometimes I sadden myself.
          I won't go into much detail about the swim. it was fun. We quickly went over the elementary backstroke and the proper way to do a breast stroke, and then went, immediately, to playing around, and acting like a bunch of maniacs, dunking, throwing, pushing, and pulling each other into the water. What my favorite part was, though, was lunch. Although we all voted for Golden Corral, we somehow ended up at Cece's Pizza instead. It was good. It really was. While everyone was getting two, three, four slices of pizza max, my plate was filled...hold on...*one, two, carry the...wait* too many slices high! I had, at least, eight slices on my plate, twelve max, plus some noodles too. The best part was when I took my 5-6 inch tall plate of food to the table, and as people stared at me like I was crazy, I told them how it was just a snack.
          After a little bit, some of the scouts felt like they were done eating, and went to the arcade in the back. Nothing bad happened, and all the scouts behaved. There was just one little problem. You know those games where you try and get some really expensive prize, like an i-pod, or really cool headphones, but most people don't even try because the machine's more than like rigged? Well Smalls was going around asking for money. Why? So he could try and get himself and i-pad mini, because he spent whatever little money he had, failed, and still felt like he could win. I told him no, and that he should stop because it was pointless. He could spend $100 on it and still fail.
...He still kept on asking.
          He did get someone to give him some money, and even got some help from the guy. I don't know how much money he spent, but he still lost. I walked up to the machine to see what was available (or really unavailable), and Smalls asked me one more time. I looked at him, and then the machine, and remembered that I had $3 in my wallet. I looked back at him, and then the i-pad.
"Little man, I am not even going to try. It is practically impossible. People rarely get anything in there. Besides, if I were to somehow, magically, successfully get it, I wouldn't give it to you because it would have gotten it with my money. Sorry buddy." ......You don't think I was to mean do you? I you?
          Now, we have arrived to now-ish. We got back in town around 4 p.m., and the past seven hours have been a little eh. My eyes hurt from the chlorine, my sinuses had been a little wonky, and I'm not even sure how I'm still awake. I mean, 4 1/2 to 5 hours of sleep last night, and now I've gone 19 hours without it. It is just amazing. Tomorrow is my mother's birthday. She will be turning 40, and has decided that she wants to spend time with us all day tomorrow (because the last two nights have been girl's night out for her).
          Well, alright, I think that will be all for today. Please, let me know what you thought of this article, and what you think of the new "Nerd Word" in the comments. Also, if you thought that this was too long, let me know. Seriously, I need to know. I am afraid it might be. Help a nerd out here and tell me, truthfully and honestly. Oh, and I am thinking of changing the appearance of my blog. If you have any opinions, tell me. Hope you come back. Sincerely, The Nerd.

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