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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Hey, how's it going? Just updating my blog. This isn't going to be a normal post. This one is different. Let me explain. Due to the fact that I am only a teenager, I figured that I'm not going to give the real names of any of my friends. Instead, I am going to use nick names (as you could probably tell from the last post). Well, I realized that people don't know anything about my friends and family, so today I am going to give, I don't know, I guess you could call it a key, for each of them. Or, well, at least, the ones I can think about right now.

  • Psycho-he was the fist one mentioned yesterday. Psycho is, as his name suggests, sort of crazy. He is that one friend that people jokingly label as the insane one, and in reality, sort of is. He is home schooled, just like me. His parents own a wonderful pizza restaurant. Because of this, he comes over to my house every weekday so we can teach him. He and I are best friends. Seriously. We are such good friends, we do everything together. We run around town, exercise, watch television, play video games, act like idiots, and follow each other around everywhere. He even somehow convinced me to go into the navy with him. He is a year older than me, and although his original plan was to go in the navy at age 18, he said he will wait a year so we can go in together. He loves video games (particularly ones like Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, and anything else with, well, violence) and, until he was grounded, would play them all the time, and then work out in his room. Now he just works out at the gym everyday. Oh, and he collects pointy things.
  • Braces-he is the tall one. Of my little friend group of four, including me, he is the tallest. He loves basketball and football, and loves video games just as much as Psycho (only he doesn't play as much). He, as his name suggests, has braces. Does this make ant difference to me? No. Really I just needed a name to call him, and Braces was the only one that came to mind. Unlike Psycho and I, He is not home schooled, and lives seven hours of his day, five days a week, at school. He can be sort of awkward at times, and as a joke, we call him a girl. It's not mean. We all have names like that for each other.
  • Fanime-it has taken me a while to figure out a name for him, but I think I will stick with this. I call him Fanime because he is a fan of anime. So, Fanime. He is the third guy in my group of friends. Usually it it just Psycho, Braces and I, but sometimes, if we're lucky, Fanime is there. He is as tall as Psycho and I, but doesn't play as much video games. He wears glasses, just like me, and has really bad acne. When you think about it, he looks like everyone's idea of a nerd. A tall, skinny guy, with glasses, acne, and plays card games like "Yu-Gi-Oh!". Seriously. Only, instead of wearing suspenders, looking like Steve Urkel, he wears hoodies and jackets all the time...even in the summer. Because his parents are divorced, he is always swapping between both of his parent's houses. This makes all my attempts to hang out with him difficult because I never know which house he is at, and I keep forgetting his mom's cell number, so I can't get a hold of him when he's at her house.
  • Speedy-this very, very energetic. Man, I swear, he seems like he is always drinking coffee, always. But actually he's not, he is just really energetic, all the time. He is short, and for the longest time, he was the shortest in our scout troop. He doesn't play video games as much as the others, but instead, is always on his phone. He loves his phone. His phone is his friend. No, his best friend in the whole wide world.
  • Smalls-he is now the shortest kid in our troop. He is very light, and is super easy to pick up and throw (not that we do that to him). He is the most recent scout, and is still trying to adjust to being a boy scout. He has ADHD, and sometimes doesn't know when to stop asking questions. With adults, I think he could get away with anything (if he could keep his act together) because he qualifies as "cute". but around the scouts, he is the new, not really. He is almost as hyper as Speedy, but can contain himself a little more most of the time. Really, he is just a small, cute, innocent kid, trying to understand how the world works.
  • Thing 1-this is the name I have come up for one of my brothers, and it suites him perfectly. He is 10 years old, and is just...crazy. Sometimes I don't think things could get any worse, because he is just way too out of hand...and then things worsen. He has two moods: crazy and grumpy. Crazy explains itself. Happy, energetic, loud, etc. I can surprisingly handle that most of the time. It is when he is grumpy when I just really want to hurt him (but I won't because he's my brother. What kind of person do you think I am?). He gets all nasty, doesn't want to be around anyone, will snap at people, and is just so...ugh.
  • Thing 2- This is the name for my other brother. He is 7 years old, and is like Thing 1 in some ways. Well, actually, no he's not. And yet somehow they get along very well...most of the time. Things get pretty ugly though when they get into arguments. You never know when it will happen too. They will just randomly start yelling at each other. But this isn't all the time. Usually they get along. If there was something for Thing 2 I could say he likes a lot, it would be the computer. No, wait, electronics. Anything electronic. Seriously. He will stop anything and everything he is doing to play on an electronic, or even watch someone else on one.
  • Happy-this is Psycho's younger brother. He is 13, but is often mistaken for a nine or ten year old, so it is always funny when someone realizes he's thirteen. As his name says, he is almost always happy, except for when he's not, and can get along with anyone, and I mean anyone. He is really good friends with my brothers (remember, they're 7 and 10 years old), and is also good friends with some employees at his parent's restaurant, who are somewhere between the ages of 16 and 20 years old, plus a lady whose age I can't tell. In a way, he is like Thing 2. He loves electronics, and may stop what he's doing to play them or watch them. But still, he is a good kid, and is appreciated by most, if not all.
Well, those are the people and nick names I can think of at the moment. I'm being told that I need to get off the laptop. I hope there will be no confusion over people in the future. Remember to leave comments and help me out with this thing. Stay Nerdy and have a nice day.

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