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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Beginning

          Okie dokie...this is (obviously) my first time blogging, so please don't criticize me, 'kay? Sooo...things to write about. My day! Yeah we'll start with that. That's a good thing to start with right? My day. My day was interesting.
          You see, I woke up (duh) and I just sort of plopped on the couch. No TV, no video games, nothing. Nothing but a book. Now that I think about it, that's how all my days have been starting lately. Wonder what's wrong with me. Anyways, I opened up my book and what do I do? 50 points to whoever gets it right!! I (of course) read the book. I do this for a while. Now in case you're wondering, "How is this interesting? This is BORING!!!" , well, I don't usually do this. It use to be get up, wake up, and watch TV or play video games until about 11:00. Then eat breakfast. Well, THAT changed when school started, or, at least, homeschool. Yep. 1st time too. Then it became get up, wake up, and try to avoid school as much as possible! So this! Well obviously something's wrong with me. So after a few hours of reading (dang! Hours! Usually it's just 10 minutes!) I got up because my brothers were annoying me, and my 2nd cousin was here. Typical. *sigh* I've got to find better reasons to do things. Well, basically I went back and forth from reading to playing with my short people for a few more hours. That's not the interesting part. About 2:00, the short people got put down for a nap, so I went BACK to reading. Then, 30 minutes later, I finished my book (,again, strange because I'm not a fast reader, and I had checked that book out 2 days earlier), so I went to go return it to the library. Now question. How many of you have a friend who LOVES to go all stealth mode almost everywhere he/she goes, and after a while, you start to forget that because it sort of becomes a natural thing, so when you go outside, and then look around, you realize that your friend is right there and you sort of flip out? If you do, then you'll know how I felt when I walked outside singing,"I'm goin' to the library, library, library. I'm goin' to the library, what you gonna..."That was about when I looked up, and realized that my friend was literally waiting, right there, in front of my house. Okay, maybe I'm a little bit freaked out. So he and I walked to the library, turned in my book, and checked out the next in the series (that was about when he started talking about Tom Clancy), and then came back to my house. When I offered to let him come inside he denied, so he and I just sort of stood out there, in the cold, talking. Then he and I came up with a brilliant (actually not so brilliant) idea. We were going to go to the high school bleachers (, with parent permission), and run up them 90 times, and down them 90 times, to prepare ourselves for a trip in coming up (which will be this summer. Hopefully I'll remember to tell you guys about how TERRIBLE it was ;p). So after we got this confirmed, we decided to go there immediately, right after we visited my grandma.
          The entire time, I felt a little nervous, so when we actually got to the bleachers, I was worrying that I was going to get as far as 30 ups and downs, and would pass out. Man was I wrong! Dude, I got to 30 easily (though I thought about giving up at 20) and then told my friend that we should have a break about half way through, and, surprisingly, he agreed. As much as I don't want to do that again, I'm going to do all of that again with my friend tomorrow. It was really hard to walk to my house (emphasis on walk, like this:WALK) because our legs felt like jelly, I felt dizzy and wanted to pass out, both of our feet hurt, and we both felt weak. This just made me feel unmanly weakling. Good thing was, my mom had made cookies and hot chocolate, so we felt better in no time. My friend left about 10 to 15 minutes later, and so I decided to get on the computer. An hour later, I asked if I could make a blog.
          That was about all of my day. I would love to thank those that actually read the entire thing. If you come back again sometime (I don't know when) I will have something else for you. Hopefully it will be better that this. Hopefully. Heck, maybe it will be something actually nerdy! 'Kay, thank you and bye.


  1. Ian, great first post. Guess what? I made it through the whole post :)

  2. YAAAAY!!!!! I did a good job!!!!!!!!!!